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St. Paul Pioneer Press – “Addiction Incorporated” review: Smoke bomb

March 8, 2012 : By Chris Hewitt

You’ll never believe this: Tobacco companies put stuff in cigarettes to make them addictive. Oh, wait. Maybe you will believe that, since every newspaper and TV news program in the country reported it 20 years ago. “Addiction Incorporated,” however, acts … – Addiction Incorporated

February 23, 2012 : By Loren King

How, over the past two decades, did the image of the tobacco industry change – in the words of one of the interviewees in “Addiction Incorporated’’ – from Kellogg’s to the Gambino crime family? This eminently watchable documentary traces the …


February 19, 2012

This week on “Q&A,” our guests are Charles Evans, Jr. and Victor DeNoble. Evans is the producer and director of a new documentary entitled Addiction Incorporated featuring DeNoble, a former Philip Morris research scientist.

Washington Post : Truths about tobacco hit the big screen

February 14, 2012 : By Whitney Fetterhoff

Most young Americans know that cigarettes are addictive, but until 1994, that was secret information. The revelation of that secret is the subject of “Addiction Incorporated,” a documentary by Charles Evans Jr. that was shown last week at the Landmark’s …

Director contributes $15,000 to journalism program

February 14, 2012

By James Coster The multi-purpose room (MPR) was filled to capacity with students, faculty and members of the media to witness film producer Charles Evans Jr. donate $15,000 to Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s (DPMHS) journalism department following an exclusive …

The Pearl Post : DPMHS Students Discover the Truth about the Tobacco Industry

February 14, 2012 : By Natalie Moore

By using animated cartoons, diagrams and storytelling, “Addiction Incorporated” directed by Charles Evans Jr. will take you into the secretive world you thought you knew. With many different variables attached to this big debate of who was at fault, who …

Time Out Chicago : Addiction Incorporated Film review

February 10, 2012 : By A.A. Dowd

A Big Tobacco whistle-blower gets his documentary due. Big Tobacco has been Public Enemy No. 1 for long enough now that it’s easy to forget how recently it wasn’t. Though the hazardous effects of smoking have been common knowledge for …

The Columbus Dispatch : Likable crusader sends up smoke signals

February 10, 2012

One might assume that Victor DeNoble, the tobacco-industry whistle-blower at the center of the documentary Addiction Incorporated, is the guy who inspired the 1999 film The Insider. The storylines are almost identical: A cigarette company insider discovers that the product his employer …

Daily Camera : What to Do in Boulder Tonight

February 10, 2012

Though he’s not the same real-life whistleblower that inspired the cigarette-industry-expose “The Insider,” Victor DeNoble did blow the whistle on the powerful interests that promoted the smoking industry. He’s the central figure in the new documentary “Addiction Incorporated: The true story of the …

Chicago Tribune : Big Tobacco whistleblower at ease on camera

February 9, 2012 : By Nina Metz

“Rats don’t have social pressures. Rats don’t care about losing weight. Rats don’t go to the movies. The only reason a rat would press a lever for nicotine is if its brain said, ‘I like it.’” That’s Victor DeNoble, a …