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Director Charles Evans Jr. to receive National Media Award

June 10, 2014

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Charles Evans Jr. Filmmaker, Documentarian and Philanthropist Receives National Media Award


Los Angeles—June 9, 2014—Charles Evans Jr., director of “Addiction Incorporated, ” will receive this year’s College on Problems of Drug Dependence/National Institute on Drug Abuse (CPDD/NIDA) media award on June 15th in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The conference, which CPDD has hosted since 1938, serves as an international forum for a diverse group of professionals who share an interest in the biochemical, behavioral and public health aspects of drug dependence. The CPDD award is given annually to an individual who has made major contributions through the media to enhance the public’s understanding of scientific issues concerning drug use disorders.

“Addiction Incorporated” will be shown the day of the conference to more than 1,000 CPDD members and hundreds of representatives from various industries, including, science, academia and government. The film tells the true story of how a research scientist, Dr. Victor DeNoble, made the unexpected discovery of an addictive ingredient in tobacco that led to more addictive cigarettes. It documents DeNoble’s journey along with his congressional testimony, which would ultimately change how tobacco is sold and marketed, forever.

“I am honored to receive this prestigious award,” Evans said. “My main intent in making this film was to inspire others to find the Victor DeNoble in themselves; to find the courage to take a step, take a stand for causes that are right for society. I am truly humbled by this recognition.”

In 2013, Evans awarded the exclusive rights to the film to Adrienne Jules Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to eliminate health disparities through public education. The Foundation’s initial program has been to use “Addiction Incorporated” as the focal point of a national and international engagement and advocacy effort designed to encourage the FDA to act on its authority to reduce nicotine in cigarettes and to thwart the assault the tobacco industry is making on developing countries. To date public education events using the film as the centerpiece have been held in every state of the union and the film has been used as an educational tool by numerous organizations including CDC, NIH, Medical University of South Carolina, Health Education Council, Johns Hopkins Institute Global Tobacco Control Leadership, Delaware County Public Health and the World Health Organization.

The four-day conference includes sessions on the Integration of Addiction Care Into Medical Settings: The State of Science; and Public Health Research Methods for Minorities and Under-Represented Minorities. For more information about the College on Problems of Drug Dependence 76th Annual Meeting, visit To follow the Adrienne Jules Foundation and its “Addiction Incorporated” tobacco education campaign, visit and



May 30, 2014

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The LGBT Community’s Biggest Health Burden
National Leaders Begin Pride Month with Conversation about Tobacco

Los Angeles—May 29, 2014—National leaders in LGBT health and advocacy will join together to begin Pride Month by addressing the community’s biggest health burden: tobacco. These powerful contributors to LGBT health discourse will participate in a live online forum on Wednesday, June 4 at 11 a.m. PST. The Adrienne Jules Foundation, a Los Angeles-­‐based non-­‐profit focused on eliminating health disparities through public education, will host the online forum using the Google Hangout on-­‐air platform. The foundation’s tobacco education campaign is designed to reach communities most affected by the tobacco epidemic—motivating them to make healthier life choices and to affect public policy. Panelists for this Google Hangout will be Dr. Scout, Director of the Network for LGBT Health Equity; Francisco Buchting, Ph.D., Steering Committee Chair of the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network; Linda Ellis, Executive Director of The Health Initiative; and Bob Gordon, Project Director of the California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership. The forum will provide viewers with an understanding of this significant but often unknown disparity, the aggressive targeting on the part of the tobacco industry and the challenges facing LGBT communities in tackling tobacco use. According to the Network for LGBT Health Equity, the LGBT community spends $7.9 billion on tobacco products each year, and smokes at rates that are 68% higher than the rest of the population. And while the federal government acknowledges this disparity, of the 33 total Surgeon General’s Reports on Smoking, only three have mentioned LGB and/or T. To join the Google Hangout visit Follow the Adrienne Jules Foundation’s tobacco education campaign at @AddictionIncorp for live tweeting during the forum. ###

Trap Tobacco—Let’s Make the Next Generation Tobacco-Free

April 14, 2014

Today is historic for the tobacco education movement and the educational documentary “Addiction Incorporated.”  It’s the 20th anniversary of the day Dr. Victor DeNoble became Big Tobacco’s first whistleblower. During the Congressional Hearings, chaired by Congressional Representative Henry Waxman, DeNoble shared the results of his rat studies, proving that Big Tobacco lied to the public about nicotine being addictive. After watching “Addiction Incorporated,” one student realized that he too could make a difference. He interviewed smokers, asked what prompted them to quit and shared those stories with others. We’re moving in the right direction, but more needs to be done now to ensure our Next Generation is Tobacco Free. The “Addiction Incorporated” public education team invites youth to trap tobacco by participating in the…

“Flat Rat” Youth Virtual Contest!

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Take a creative picture with “Flat Rat.” Demonstrate how tobacco affects you and/or others in everyday life.

Entrees will be judged by filmmaker, philanthropist and “Addiction Incorporated” Director, Charles Evans, Jr. The contestant with the most creative photo and caption will win an iPad Mini, and their organization will win a free screening of “Addiction Incorporated.”


  1. Print and cut out “Flat Rat.” Access the cut out by clicking here.
  2. Take a creative picture with “Flat Rat” to demonstrate how tobacco affects you and/or others in everyday life.
  3. Like the “Addiction Incorporated” (AI) Facebook page ( and post your photo on its wall.
  4. Write a creative caption that corresponds to your picture. Make sure you include the following hashtags: #AddictionInc #April14 #Waxman #DeNoble.

Submissions will be accepted from April 14 through May 12, 2014 by 5:00pm.

“Addiction Incorporated” Educational DVD Package Now Available

April 12, 2014

ADDIC_3d_DVDjacket_frontSchools and libraries can now purchase the powerful documentary, “Addiction Incorporated.”  As part of its ongoing effort to reach youth and adults, the Adrienne Jules Foundation is working with Bullfrog Films to widen the film’s distribution.  To purchase a copy of the “Addiction Incorporated” DVD package for your school visit

Last year, Charles Evans, Jr., donated the rights and proceeds from the film to the Adrienne Jules Foundation, whose mission is to eliminate health disparities by using public education and public education campaigns. “We are so proud to have this opportunity to reach people across the nation, particularly youth, with a message that highlights the fact that one person can actually make a real difference,” said Gwendolyn Young, executive director, Adrienne Jules Foundation.  “This couldn’t have been done without Mr. Evans’ generosity and vision.”

The film is being distributed in phases. Educators and libraries can now purchase a DVD package with both a 76-minute and 35-minute version of the film, along with the Common Core Standards curriculum.

Non-profits, community based organizations and tobacco education organizations, will be able to purchase the non-profit DVD package, which will include special advocacy and education components, later this year. The consumer DVD package, with special never-before-seen elements will be released at the end of the year as well. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the consumer and non-profit DVDs are available, by visiting

When “Addiction Incorporated” was screened on Capitol Hill, U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman said, “this film is not only terrific movie-making, but it is a historical document that I think is important for people to see, and for those who know about it to be reminded of the harm from cigarettes and how people in this country, and around the world, are still fighting back and trying to reduce that harm to the public health.”

To that end, the Adrienne Jules Foundation will continue advocacy and engagement screenings domestically and internati

onally. We have developed customized workshops and trainings that can be used in conjunction with the film and developed advocacy materials, including social media campaigns for youth. The workshops are on media, ethics and corporate responsibility and can be used in conjunction with “Addiction Incorporated” film screenings or as stand alone pieces to help support your tobacco cessation efforts.

If you have questions about engagement or advocacy, or are interested in coordinating an engagement or advocacy screening, please contact the Adrienne Jules Foundation at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (213) 738-9246 or visit

Mitch Zeller to Head FDA’s Tobacco Products Center

February 28, 2013

Mitch Zeller, a former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) veteran, will take over the FDA’s Tobacco Products Center on March 4, 2013, according to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, who added that the center’s work “will continue to vigorously build FDA’s role in tobacco product regulation and efforts to improve public health.”

Created in 2009 after a law gave authority to the FDA to regulate a number of aspects of tobacco marketing and manufacturing, the center was headed by Dr. Lawrence Deyton, who plans to become a professor at George Washington University. Zeller, who served as associated commissioner and director of the agency’s Office of Tobacco Programs from 1993 until 2000, is currently an executive with a pharmaceutical consulting firm. He previously was an executive with the American Legacy Foundation, the Washington, DC-based anti-smoking organization.

An attorney with more than 30 years experience in regulatory, legislative and communications in FDA issues, Zeller was introduced to tobacco control in 1994 as an appointee the Clinton administration. In an interview with AP last year, he said, “We can’t say that regulation alone is going to reduce all the death and disease from tobacco, but I look at it as a vital element of a comprehensive national tobacco control program.”

Zeller is one of the key individuals in the documentary film, “Addiction Incorporated,” that depicts the actions of the tobacco industry and the lawsuits against the industry that were based on FDA investigations and testimony of the tobacco industry whistleblower, Victor DeNoble. He also acted as advisor to the film’s producer and director, Charles Evans, Jr.

Upon learning of Zeller’s new appointment, Evans noted, “This is poetic justice,” adding that Zeller said in a voice over in the film  “‘Imagine a world where the only cigarettes kids can experiment with can no longer sustain addiction. Kids will not stop experimenting, but the experimentation would not necessarily lead to regular smoking, addiction, disease and premature death.’


“‘Now, he’s in a position…to make that come true.”   

NIH Record: Addiction Incorporated Plays to Full House in Lipsett

July 30, 2012

On June 1, NIDA hosted a free screening of the film Addiction Incorporated in Lipsett Ampitheater, Bldg. 10.  It tells how Dr. Victor DeNoble, a former Philip Morris research scientist, became one of the most influential whistleblowers in history, testifying before Congress about his findings on the addictive nature of nicotine. 

South County Times: Addiction Incorporated

March 23, 2012 : By Kent Tentschert

Victor DeNoble grew up in a blue collar community in the midst of cigarettes and beer. Struggling through school, most of his summers were split between summer fun and summer school, while he looked forward to becoming a plumber like his father. But his father recognized Victor’s potential and sent him to a nearby college. There, during his freshman year, he discovered what had held him back all these years. He was dyslexic. Corrected his dyslexia turned both his grades and his life around.

We Are Movie Geeks: ADDICTION INCORPORATED – The Review

March 22, 2012 : By Jim Batts

The new motion picture ADDICTION INCORPORATED is part of a unique group of documentaries in that it’s essentially a small budget prequel to a big studio prestige docudrama of several years ago : Michael Mann’s THE INSIDER. The multi-Oscar nominated flick told the true tale of whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand ( he’s involved in this new film, too ) who revealed to network news producers ( CBS’s ” 60 Minutes ” to be exact ) that tobacco companies were using special additives to cigarettes to make them more addictive ( the film referred to ‘ spiking ‘ ). After viewing the Al Pacino/ Russell Crowe work, you may have wondered how ‘ big tobacco ‘ happened upon this formula. Well wonder no more! Film maker Charles Evans, Jr. has given us all the facts, figures, numbers, and testimonies anchored by one man’s desire to deliver the facts.

St. Louis Today: ‘Addiction Incorporated’ turns Documentary Focus on Tobacco

March 21, 2012 : By Joe Williams

By a strict definition, most American adults are hooked on drugs. Even coffee drinkers who deny that caffeine causes cravings will acknowledge that nicotine is addictive; yet that’s only a recent realization.

The surprisingly stylish documentary “Addiction Incorporated” traces the backlash against tobacco to a laboratory in Virginia in the 1980s. It wasn’t an ordinary research facility — it was a top-secret lab funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris, which wanted to develop a nicotine alternative to keep its customers hooked without killing them.

CBS Minnesota – Movie Blog: Rats, Brains, Secrets And Cigarettes

March 9, 2012 : By Jonathon Sharp

Addiction Incorporated, despite its dull and archaic-tasting title, is an engaging documentary about the world-changing science suppressed by the smoking industry and the people’s struggle to uncover the truth about what the arrogant, intimidating, obscenely rich tobacco bigwigs knew and withheld about the addictiveness of cigarettes.

The movie’s effectiveness begins with presentation. It starts with a story – that of Victor DeNoble. He narrates his childhood (poor family, poor grades, dyslexia!) and how he became a sharp scientist employed by Philip Morris.