“Addiction Incorporated” Educational DVD Package Now Available

April 12, 2014

ADDIC_3d_DVDjacket_frontSchools and libraries can now purchase the powerful documentary, “Addiction Incorporated.”  As part of its ongoing effort to reach youth and adults, the Adrienne Jules Foundation is working with Bullfrog Films to widen the film’s distribution.  To purchase a copy of the “Addiction Incorporated” DVD package for your school visit

Last year, Charles Evans, Jr., donated the rights and proceeds from the film to the Adrienne Jules Foundation, whose mission is to eliminate health disparities by using public education and public education campaigns. “We are so proud to have this opportunity to reach people across the nation, particularly youth, with a message that highlights the fact that one person can actually make a real difference,” said Gwendolyn Young, executive director, Adrienne Jules Foundation.  “This couldn’t have been done without Mr. Evans’ generosity and vision.”

The film is being distributed in phases. Educators and libraries can now purchase a DVD package with both a 76-minute and 35-minute version of the film, along with the Common Core Standards curriculum.

Non-profits, community based organizations and tobacco education organizations, will be able to purchase the non-profit DVD package, which will include special advocacy and education components, later this year. The consumer DVD package, with special never-before-seen elements will be released at the end of the year as well. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the consumer and non-profit DVDs are available, by visiting

When “Addiction Incorporated” was screened on Capitol Hill, U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman said, “this film is not only terrific movie-making, but it is a historical document that I think is important for people to see, and for those who know about it to be reminded of the harm from cigarettes and how people in this country, and around the world, are still fighting back and trying to reduce that harm to the public health.”

To that end, the Adrienne Jules Foundation will continue advocacy and engagement screenings domestically and internati

onally. We have developed customized workshops and trainings that can be used in conjunction with the film and developed advocacy materials, including social media campaigns for youth. The workshops are on media, ethics and corporate responsibility and can be used in conjunction with “Addiction Incorporated” film screenings or as stand alone pieces to help support your tobacco cessation efforts.

If you have questions about engagement or advocacy, or are interested in coordinating an engagement or advocacy screening, please contact the Adrienne Jules Foundation at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (213) 738-9246 or visit