Washingtonian : Addiction Incorporated

February 3, 2012

Victor DeNoble was a behavioral pharmacologist working with the tobacco industry in the 1980s to develop a safer form of nicotine, but in doing so, he also found hard evidence that the substance was addictive, and he ended up blowing the whistle on a secret the industry had tried to keep under wraps for years. Director Charles Evans Jr. spent 15 years filming DeNoble’s story, and promises revelations that even at this point, after so many congressional hearings and studies on the subject, the filmmakers claim were still previously undisclosed before this film. DeNoble and Evans have been in town all week promoting the film, and showed the film on Capitol Hill earlier in the week; they’ll be in attendance for Q&As at a couple of this weekend’s screenings at E Street.

View the trailer. Opens tomorrow at E Street Cinema. Evans, DeNoble, and executive producer Charmaine Parcero will be on hand for Q&As after the 7:40 PM screenings on Friday and Saturday.

Source: Washingtonian