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South County Times: Addiction Incorporated

March 23, 2012 : By Kent Tentschert

Victor DeNoble grew up in a blue collar community in the midst of cigarettes and beer. Struggling through school, most of his summers were split between summer fun and summer school, while he looked forward to becoming a plumber like …

We Are Movie Geeks: ADDICTION INCORPORATED – The Review

March 22, 2012 : By Jim Batts

The new motion picture ADDICTION INCORPORATED is part of a unique group of documentaries in that it’s essentially a small budget prequel to a big studio prestige docudrama of several years ago : Michael Mann’s THE INSIDER. The multi-Oscar nominated …

St. Louis Today: ‘Addiction Incorporated’ turns Documentary Focus on Tobacco

March 21, 2012 : By Joe Williams

By a strict definition, most American adults are hooked on drugs. Even coffee drinkers who deny that caffeine causes cravings will acknowledge that nicotine is addictive; yet that’s only a recent realization. The surprisingly stylish documentary “Addiction Incorporated” traces the …

CBS Minnesota – Movie Blog: Rats, Brains, Secrets And Cigarettes

March 9, 2012 : By Jonathon Sharp

Addiction Incorporated, despite its dull and archaic-tasting title, is an engaging documentary about the world-changing science suppressed by the smoking industry and the people’s struggle to uncover the truth about what the arrogant, intimidating, obscenely rich tobacco bigwigs knew and …

Stomp and Stammer – Addiction Incorporated Review

March 9, 2012 : By David T. Lindsay

I don’t make a habit of focusing on documentaries because either they make their case and need no further defense, or deceitfully cloud the issue to appeal to fools who can’t think for themselves. During the introduction of Victor DeNoble, …

Insite Atlanta – Addiction Incorporated Review

March 9, 2012 : By Steve Warren

If you liked The Insider and The Informant, complete the trifecta with an equally dramatic documentary about another real-life whistleblower. Victor DeNoble, who looks like Dennis Farina, was hired by Philip Morris to alter the nicotine in their cigarettes to …

Minneapolis City Pages – In Theaters: Addiction Incorporated

March 8, 2012 : By Melissa Anderson

With a name that not even the PR team at Smokefree America could dream up, Victor DeNoble emerges as the hero of Charles Evans Jr.’s mostly muscular documentary on the 1990s campaign to expose Big Tobacco. DeNoble, a psychologist, was …

St. Paul Pioneer Press – “Addiction Incorporated” review: Smoke bomb

March 8, 2012 : By Chris Hewitt

You’ll never believe this: Tobacco companies put stuff in cigarettes to make them addictive. Oh, wait. Maybe you will believe that, since every newspaper and TV news program in the country reported it 20 years ago. “Addiction Incorporated,” however, acts … – ‘Addiction Incorporated’ movie review: How Big Tobacco was taken down

March 5, 2012 : By Ryan McNally

For my first post-college job, I worked as a paralegal for a law firm representing cigarette manufacturer RJR. Along with coworkers, I reviewed and coded thousands of company documents. Most were painfully boring, but occasionally we’d come across something juicy, … – Addiction Incorporated

February 23, 2012 : By Loren King

How, over the past two decades, did the image of the tobacco industry change – in the words of one of the interviewees in “Addiction Incorporated’’ – from Kellogg’s to the Gambino crime family? This eminently watchable documentary traces the …